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Hop & Spice

April 13: Hop & Spice - Nice and spicy


A reasonable little find, Hop and Spice is tucked away just down past the Bedford. Serving Sri Lankan fare with a gourmet edge, although this is appreciated on the flavour front it does mean some of the portion sizes can seem a little meagre!

When we went we used a taste card and at these prices it was worth it. However at full price, it is a little expensive for what it is. The alcohol is priced quite highly which is a shame as if it were lower I'm sure more of it would flow. In the few times I have been the place never seems to be alive with customers. Perhaps this is a case of poor positioning, if they were to drop their prices and make it a little more welcoming then im sure the punters would roll in - the food is of sufficient standard to keep people happy.


Address: 53 Bedford Hill London, London SW12 9EZ

Cuisine: Sri Lankan

Status: Closed

Alcohol Policy: Licensed​

Price: ££​

Summary: Former Sri Lankan venue in Balham

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