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AKA Murf

Reviews Attended: 108


Who is he? 

A complicated man, Michael has been ploughing a field less furrowed with his lighthearted reviews of the London curry scene since 2012. He is criminally underappreciated, yet defiantly stoic nonetheless. Nothing will stop him from pursuing the capital's curry - not poor choices in company nor (heaven forbid) no one reading this blog.

Thoughts on the blog 

A muse, a past time, an escape. Can someone read it though, please.


I'll let you decide what the highlight was when I tell you I was once featured  in a Korean food magazine.


The leaderboard doesn't lie; there's no getting away from it. The blog's trip to Gandhi's in Kennington, hosted by Peter Morris, was a clear low point for the blog, curry and our friendship. Never let him forget it.

What is he ordering for the table?

Usually everything. My in-built, algorithmic, ordering sixth-sense is renowned. I can order the perfect amount for any sized table, factoring in headcount, appetite and preferences...until some idiot insists we order one more rice that is, or worse, doesn't want to share (Get out!).

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